What will it cost to have my home custom built?

Custom home builders can be costly compared to project home builders because our detail and inclusions are more extensive. We tailor the quote to your specific requirements which include all facets of the building from exterior preferences (bricks/cladding, roofing) and interior selections such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring to site conditions (size of your block). We then provide you with a thorough Comprehensive Building Proposal indicating the costs to build your new custom home. Project builders will initially sell you a replicable template house at a cheaper margin and will then add on “SITE COSTS”, and generally allow for low end finishes. They’ll charge you variations for all your upgrades and normally notify you of the costs once you’ve paid your deposit or up to $15,000 for preliminary works and site investigations. By the time this process is completed the costs are usually similar to having your house custom built except you didn’t liaise directly with your builder.

Why should I choose a Custom Home Builder over a project builder?

At Power Built Homes we believe every client deserves personal attention to ensure the home is created with the highest level of craftsmanship and delivered on time. Choosing to have your home built with a custom home builder means we personally work with you through the entire process, from concept to completion. On the other hand project builder’s deal with many clients and you’ll find that generally you’ll liaise with office staff and a supervisor.

We aim to understand your budget and work hard to maintain this for you. Our comprehensive building proposal incorporates all your desired selections prior to starting including your site costs. This process gives you the opportunity to know where you stand before the build commences allowing you time to make any changes if required. Whereas project builders will provide you with a lower cost initially then once you’ve made your selections will surprise you with the real price of your home and this may be a problem for you if you don’t have the funds readily available.

Deciding to build with Power Built Homes means that you’ll be dealing directly with the builder and you can feel comfortable that your custom home is in safe hands - project builders don’t provide this type of service -.  Our system is streamline meaning were able to ‘Build your home sooner’. We work with a team of experienced industry specialist and professionals to ensure we deliver your quality custom designed home with the highest level of craftsmanship without the delays often experienced within the building industry.

How long does it take to build my new custom home?

Generally, we’re able to build a single story home in approximately eighteen weeks and a two-storey home within twenty-two weeks. Note: These are working weeks and based on standard construction. However we have been known to build custom homes sooner than the periods specified.

How can I save money?

There are many ways you can save money and still build your ideal home and it all comes down to your selections. These are items such as colour bond roof or cement roof tiles or whether you choose bricks or exterior cladding, kitchen selections, floor and wall tiles and so forth. If you require guidance with this process we’re here to help you and offer support where needed.

How can I reduce any extra charges and or variations during my build?

At Power Built Homes we supply all our clients with a Comprehensive Building Proposal before the building commences. Once you’ve made your selections and so long as you don’t change them you will have no extras or variations to pay. For example if you agreed on a $20,000 kitchen and you change the design and upgrade you would obviously need to pay the difference. Bear in mind, occasionally things are unknown coming off the ground and we will endeavour to educate and discuss this with you further to help you understand the process.

I want a custom home built…where do I start?

It all begins with an in-depth consultation with your builder, where we talk about your wish list of features, the type of site you’re building on and the different ways we can apply our design and construction expertise. We take control of the whole process from concept to completion. The end result will be a home that reflects your tastes, life-style, and the features that are most important to you.


Get your project off to the best start by discussing your needs in detail with a personalised consultation.

We pride ourselves on our personal, client focused approach and this begins with a no-obligation consultation where you can expect the following:

Discuss exactly what you need.

Explore your budget and advise what you can expect from your money.

Get an idea of your timeline expectations and availability.

Discuss any ideas you have and how they fit with your budget.

Formulate a plan to move forward.